Install & Usage instructions

The following are install and usage instructions for the StimOMatic software package that will run on the analysis computer. These instructions assume that you are using a Neuralynx system operated by the Cheetah data acquisition software.

For testing, the demo version of Cheetah can be used. This can be obtained for free from The demo version contains a demo data file that can be used for replay and to StimOMatic this will look just like a real system.

This version has been tested with Cheetah v5.6.3 and v5.3.1. and Neuralynx Router v1.2.0. Version of the router less than 1.2.0 are not supported nor are any version of Cheetah less than 5.3.1.

Installing StimOMatic

1) Install and run NetComRouter

2) Install and configure Python OpenGL mmap plotter (POMP)

3) Configure Matlab

Using StimOMatic

you should see some output like:

Lab 1: 
Lab 2: 

This will indicated that the previously selected plugin has the absolute plugin ID 1, and that we want to visualize channels 43 and 45. We need to now configure our OpenGL plugin accordingly:

Using conditional visual displays

See the file inside the subdirectory matlab\psychophysics-example for instructions on how to run the display part of StimOMatic.