Running StimOMatic

Q: After pressing the Start data feed button, I get an Error streaming message. What's wrong?
A: Most likely, the NetComRouter can not connect to Cheetah, or the local UDP port for the NetComRouter is in use. Try restarting the computer(s).

Q: Why does StimOMatic require MS Windows? What about MacOS and Linux?
A: This limitation results from the fact that Neuralynx's Netcom library is only available for Windows. We'll be happy to support MacOS and Linux once the required libraries are available for these operating systems.

Installing StimOMatic

Q: Running the pyglet-1.1.x.msi installer fails with an error requires Python 2.4 or later. But I've just installed Python 2.7! What's wrong?
A: Most likely, Windows does not have Python in the Environment Variable path. Reboot Windows and try again. Otherwise install from the sources (described here). For more information see also the pyglet bug report.